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Modern Bathroom Systems

Modern Bathroom Systems! Transform your bathroom with current technology.

Water is therapeutic and water is life! But the level of healing and recharging you may enjoy is dependent on its application. When you stand in a driving rain, or drench under a cascade! When you swim in the sea, you certainly have an effect unparalleled to a mundane shower. But how often do we see the rain? How close is the Wli Falls to your home? Do you swim daily?

So when we have succeeded in keeping ourselves enclosed – for security and privacy and because we need to be busy, have we also sacrificed the enormous benefits of water? No! Mundane shower is unexciting; and that’s what it is. Let’s freshen up! This chat, highlights on enhanced delivery of water naturally to the body, I mean lets shower.

If you can blast water from your ceiling 10 feet above you, would that not be a mini fall? What about a reclining shower? And spraying water to different parts of the body at the same time; it’s possible right?

Shower experience is now more than just cleansing, you should now de-stressing, balance and energize. The Dornbracht transforming water concept delivers ‘rain’ water bars to the neck and shoulders, upper and lower back concurrently while you are sitting or standing – Comfort Shower the name is. But that is not all; you can actually extend the same feelings of the upper body to the leg muscles with a complimentary leg shower. With a touch of a button, glistering drops and streams of water de-stresses, balances or energizes the body to a pleasant massage. Wouldn’t this daily experience make life better?

I want to share with you another place in your interior; apart from your bed and couch, where you would you like to recline. Reclining in the shower is unmatched refreshment and recharge left to imagination and ingenuity. In prostrate or on the back, total relaxation of the body is achievable through variable wellness treatment systems. Your private spa massaging water jets from above the reclining area with incorporated alternating hot-and-cold flow in fine streams or heavy ‘rain’ to the different spots on the body. You can balance, energize or de-stress in this position too. Please do not forget this is happening in your own home; you as the masseuse or masseur.

And finally for this one, let’s look at the conventional with exclusivity – for I believe that in the need for the natural lays exclusivity! The feeling of concentrated summer rain, scent of berries and ‘scarce’ beach rays and heat have been harnessed into the private bathroom; possibly your own bathroom too – much “like taking shower in the open air” made possible by Dornbracht! The combining effect of water, light and fragrance gives the healing Sensory Sky shower. With its careful design informed by weather phenomena, the Sensory Sky with different rain modes; mist, lighting and fragrance together delivers a level of wellness only experience could tell. Sharpen your senses some more, cleanse and stabilize the body daily in the RainSky shower. So your quest to visit the Wli falls will be a pure escapade.

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